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Viña del Mar

  • Population (2017 Census): 334,248
  • Housing (Census 2017): 147,117
  • Area: 122 km2
  • Main Economic Activities: Trade and services, construction, real estate investment and, tourism.
  • T/RSM Year: 142,000
  • Small Dump sites: 117
  • Community Landfills: No
  • Landfill Disposal: "El Molle" Valparaiso
  • Municipal Environmental Certification: Excellence

Vina del Mar is situated in the Valparaiso Region and has a population of about 330,000. Currently, all waste from Vina is disposed of at the El Molle sanitary landfill located close to the city of Valparaiso, capital of the Valparaiso Region. Arcadis has undertaken a feasibility study (2016/2017) of utilizing source-separated organics from Vina del Mar in an anaerobic digester. Our programme is exploring steps to bring this to fruition and is supporting the municipality to develop a business case for project structuring.

In addition, our programme is also assessing Vina’s old dumpsite (Lajarilla) on whether this site could serve as the future location of the anaerobic digester plant. Our programme is planning to undertake studies at the existing site to determine potential landfill gas availability and whether the landfill gas could be utilized along with the biogas proposed to be [produced at the anaerobic digestion facility.