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FACTS and Statistics
  • Population: 151,749
  • Housing: 50,599
  • Area: 92.3 km2
  • Main Economic Activities: Agriculture and trade.
  • T/RSM Year: 62.169
  • Small Dump Sites: Some
  • Community Landfill: Yes
  • Sanitary Landfill Disposal: Landfill Hidronor Copiulemu, La Florida
  • Environmental Certification: Basic


Currently, there is no source-segregation and all municipal waste is transported and disposed of at the landfill. Our Program is supporting Talcahuano to establish an efficient program for collecting source-separated organics from the produce markets as well as from other large generators. The organics will be composted at the compost plant, which has the required permits for operations.


Talcahuano is the second municipality to receive support from Reciclo Orgánicos and will soon commence operations at its existing composting plant, where organic residues from the municipality will be managed. Reciclo Orgánicos has procured a special truck as well as a chipper for Talcahuano. The chipper will be utilized to shred urban prunings and yard waste to provide carbonaceous amendment and bulking material to aid the composting process. Other key infrastructural components for the facility are proposed to be financed with funds from the Sub-secretariat of Regional Development (SUBDERE) and with support from the Regional Government (GORE) of Bío Bío and its advisors. In 2019, our Program will continue to assist Talcahuano in the operationalization of the plant as well as community engagement to raise awareness among the residents about the beneficial recovery and utilization of organic resources and how it can combat climate change.