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  • Population: 220,357
  • Housing: 80,810
  • Area: 232 km2
  • Main Economic Activities: Agriculture, service provision and trade.
  • T/RSM Year: 101,611
  • Small Dump Sites: 5
  • Community Landfill: Yes
  • Landfill Disposal: Landfill El Retamo, Talca
  • Environmental Certification: Excellence

Source-segregation mechanisms for resource recovery are not in place in Talca and all municipal waste generated is currently disposed of at the landfill (El Retamo). Talca is home to the second largest wholesale market (macroferia) for fruits and vegetables in Chile, which generates about 12 tonnes per day of organic residues. Reciclo Orgánicos is working with the Municipality of Talca to collect this material and process it into compost at a new facility outside the landfill.

Reciclo Orgánicos in Talca

Composting will be achieved with a system of aerated static piles and the plant will utilize ‘Sustainable Generation Composting Solution’ (incorporating GORE® Cover Technology). Clean and uncontaminated (free from plastics, paper, etc.) organic residues from the macroferia will be collected by dedicated trucks and delivered on a daily basis to the site. Talca has sizeable quantities of municipal prunings, and leaf, garden and yard residues, which, over the years have been stored in a municipal shed. This carbonaceous material will be chipped and transported to the plant, where it will be mixed with the residues from the macroferia and be used as a bulking agent as well as a source of carbon.