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Talca: in the process of becoming a sustainable city
6 Nov 2018Nationals

Fighting Climate Change

With the support of the Reciclo Orgánicos Program, the Municipality is moving forward in the implementation of an initiative to begin collecting and treating organic waste from the Regional “Macroferia” of Talca through a composting plant.

The Municipality of Talca is already working on various initiatives that will allow it to become the first sustainable city in the country. Mayor Juan Carlos Diaz, said “We have already awarded two important contracts that will allow us – from the first half of 2019 – start our segregated collection system, install clean points within the city, create a recycling center and have trucks that allow pruning waste to be collected. “

In addition to these measures, the commune signed a commitment to participate in the national program Reciclo Orgánicos which – driven by the Ministries of Environment of Chile and Canada – seeks to combat climate change through the capture of gas in landfills or treatment separately from organic matter through composting or anaerobic digestion, thus allowing the conversion of organic waste into clean energy and natural fertilizer.

In this sense, the Illustrious Municipality of Talca, through the Municipal Development Corporation, intends to build a composting plant in an adjacent site of the “El Retamo” landfill, in order to reuse organic waste for the production of compost , which would later be used as fertilizer in the parks and green areas of the city.

In a first stage, the composting plant will receive organic waste from the municipality’s Macroferia, later, the Municipality will gradually expand its collection system including public and private institutions, until reaching the homes of the residents of the commune.

“The Talquino municipality is working on making the Maule regional capital a more sustainable city that cares for and protects the environment, and in that sense, being one of the participating communities of the Organic Recycling program allows us to achieve this goal by improving our management waste and contributing to combat climate change, “said the mayor of the commune of Talca, Juan Carlos Diaz.

Reciclo Orgánicos will support the municipality with technical assistance and equipment for the operation of the new composting plant, in addition to contributing with actions to promote the involvement of the community as a key aspect for the success of the initiative. In this way, Talca is taking a leadership role in local environmental management by promoting a paradigm shift that moves away from the final disposal of municipal waste in landfills to a circular economy model where we stop talking about waste and start it to look at how materials can be reused.

“A municipal composting plant, with high citizen participation, will bring multiple benefits such as extending the useful life of the current landfill, reducing the generation of environmental externalities such as leachates, odours and nutrient losses, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. generated by the organic waste that decomposes when buried, “said the Coordinator of the Reciclo Orgánicos Program, Gerardo Canales.

With the implementation of the composting plant, which will treat organic waste from the regional macro-industry and the commune will achieve a reduction of 25,035 tons of CO2 emissions equivalent during the period 2019-2030, representing 3% of the emissions that Talca generates when disposing its waste in the sanitary landfill. Under a more ambitious scenario, it is estimated that this figure could increase to 148,052 tCO2 equivalent (17% of the Talca emissions due to the disposal of its waste) if 50% of households dispose of their organic waste in the composting plant. recycle your organic to send them to compost.

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