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  • Population: 220,357
  • Housing: 80,810
  • Area: 232 km2
  • Main Economic Activities: Agriculture, service provision and trade.
  • T/RSM Year: 101,611
  • Small Dump Sites: 5
  • Community Landfill: Yes
  • Landfill Disposal: Landfill El Retamo, Talca
  • Environmental Certification: Excellence

The municipalities of Talca and Molina are located in Maule Region. Currently, all waste from Talca (the commercial centre of the Region) is disposed of at the landfill (owned by the municipality and managed by a private firm). Our programme is supporting the municipality of Talca to develop a system to collect organic residues from the municipal vegetable and fruit market and transport them to an anaerobic digester managing winery waste in the neighbouring city of Molina operated by a Chilean firm. In parallel, our programme is also in discussions with the municipality of Molina to develop a source-separation system at the household level so that organics can be diverted from households and utilized at the existing anaerobic digester.

Specifically, our programme is exploring providing funding for pre-treatment equipment that can be utilized to homogenize and mix the municipal organics from both Talca and Molina with the winery waste. Our programme is in discussions with Canadian technical experts on the best approaches to be taken on this front.