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Rapa Nui

FACTS and Statistics
  • Population: 7,750
  • Housing: 1,363
  • Area: 166 km2
  • Main Economic Activities: Agriculture
  • T/RSM Year: 19,750
  • Small Dump Sites: Some
  • Community Landfill: Yes
  • Sanitary Landfill Disposal: Orito
  • Environmental Certification: Basic


Currently, there is minimal source-segregation and waste is transported and disposed of at the landfill. Our Program is currently assessing the technical aspects of a small-scale composting facility utilizing aerated static piles, where clean organic residues and carbonaceous amendment material are covered with breathable membranes for odour and vector control. The most efficient way to segregate organics at source, collect and transport them to the plant is also being studied.


Our Program is working with all levels of the government (Municipality of Rapa Nui, Regional Government of Valparaiso, and SUBDERE) for project implementation, including: permitting and regulatory reviews, site assessment, technical assessment and procuring financing from various government sources.