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Program Outcomes

Reciclo Orgánicos

One of the main objectives of Reciclo Orgánicos is to optimize the processes of collection and management of solid waste, by diverting organic waste from uncontrolled landfills and preventing the generation of greenhouse gases. Applying optimum waste management processes, organic matter can be treated separately through the composting process, which aims to produce natural compost and fertilizer for agriculture and gardening. Another method of treatment consists of the microbiological degradation in anaerobic reactors to produce biogas, which is a fuel that can be used to generate electricity.

By reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases generated by the anaerobic decomposition of solid waste, Reciclo Orgánicos will help to protect the soil, water bodies and improve air quality. Our program will also offer support to the communities through learning plans, pedagogical resources and training.

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Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Waste Management

Improve Quality of Life

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