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Monitoring - Reporting - Verification


Measurement is needed to measure or monitor data and information on GHG activities. This may entail direct physical measurement of activity inputs, outputs, or GHG emissions, and calculating and estimating emissions reductions utilizing activity data and emission factors


Reporting is needed to ensure transparency, accuracy, completeness, relevance, consistency and conservativeness of the greenhouse gas reduction activities. It is meant to provide a clear and transparent understanding of the GHG activities and results.


Verification is a systematic assessment used to confirm, that a GHG assertion, regarding past GHG activities has been appropriately calculated and truthfully reported. It is needed to ensure the credibility of the results reported, good governance and accountability.

Measurement is undertaken to:

  • Monitor GHG activities’ relevant inputs, outputs and GHG emission reductions
  • Estimate GHG activities’ associated data or emission factors
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of the GHG activities inputs, outputs and GHG emission reductions
  • Enable the quantification of GHG emission reductions based on the monitored or estimated data points.


Reporting is undertaken to:

  • Provide a clear and transparent understanding of the implementation and results of the GHG activities.
  • Communicate or publicly disclose the GHG activities and resulting GHG emission reductions


Verification is undertaken to:

  • Provide an impartial third party assessment of the GHG activities
  • Ensure or enhance the credibility of the implementation and GHG emission reductions resulting from the GHG activities
  • Meet the eligibility criteria for issuance of GHG emission reduction credits or other GHG units

MRV in Reciclo Orgánicos

The MRV program will support the emission reductions monitoring, quantification, reporting and verification to ensure the credibility and robustness of the emission reductions achieved through the implementation of the technology in Chile.

The Chile and Canadian Governments have identified Quebec’s waste sector practices and GHG regulations and protocols as some of the most robust and transparent in Canada.

The Chile-Canada Program will require protocols to be adapted for the Chile projects based on current existing GHG protocols.

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